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Take a benefit from speaking to a dietitian

Are you struggling with symptoms of chronic disease, weight management, brain fog, lack of energy, waking up tired, constant cravings/hunger, mental health disturbances, menstrual disturbances, or think you could feel better than you currently do? Then you could benefit from speaking to a dietitian.


Hi, I'm Danielle and I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian

As a dietitian, I am trained to help clients improve their general health, manage their weight, and reduce symptoms of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Heart disease, and Kidney disease. 

Before becoming a dietitian I tried all the fad diets under the sun and was constantly confused about what the 'right diet' is. I even ended up in the hospital when preparing for a bikini-body competition after taking too many 'healthy' nutrition/weightless supplements which lead to severe stomach cramps. Most of the times these diets did work (for a short time) and I did lose weight, however, I was completely miserable with no energy. Eventually I would break and have a ''cheat meal'' which turned into a ''cheat day'' into a ''cheat week'' until I decided to start a new fad diet and repeat the cycle. Every time I repeated this cycle I gained back more weight than I had lost.   

Fast forward to now, I eat to nourish my body and manage my weight with ease. Most of all, I feel great! I have energy and I don't wake up tired every day. Understanding how the body works and how it processes different types of food changed my life.

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I offer simple and
evidence-based guidance

There is an overwhelming amount of information out there surrounding healthy eating, weight loss, and what the 'best diet' to follow is. It can be confusing and difficult to distinguish factual evidence base information from personal opinions. The information I provide is simple, scientific, evidence-based, and most importantly it is easy to implement and it makes sense. 

How to Work With Me

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Understanding Your Body for Balanced Enjoyment

I'm not here to tell you to 'stop eating chocolate', 'don't eat sugar', and 'just eat more veggies'. I am here to help you understand your body so you can make informed decisions about your food choices and still enjoy all the foods you love without the terrible side effects.

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