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A Bowl of Healthy Green Salah Bowl

Healthy Diet That
Makes Sense

Sick of following diets that dont work or confused about what a healthy diet really looks like? I get it and you are not alone...I am here to help you make sense of all the health information and provide you with the tools to help you separate the good advice from the not so good advice.

Healthy Food Ingredients

I offer simple and evidence-based guidance

There are countless recommendations and opinions out there surrounding what the 'right diet' is and it is no surprise that so many people are confused and stuck on a dieting rollercoaster. These FAD diets tell you what to eat and when but they don't give you why and how eating in different ways impacts your body. I am here to give you the What, When, Why, and How and end your confusion surrounding a healthy diet. My education is scientific, evidence-based, and easy to follow and implement. 

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Stop the endless cycle of dieting and start understanding the what, when, why, and how of consuming different foods and the impacts they have on our bodies. Start your journey to become a healthier you and remove the confusion around healthy eating


In Depth Assessment of Your Current Diet & Eating Habits

My service include In depth assessment of your current diet and eating habits. Understanding what your current eating habits and food preferences will help me to make more tailored recommendations to personally suit you. Implementing small positive changes over a long period creates lasting habits and results.

A bowl of healthy food
A woman with healthy lifestyle


Assessment of Your Current Lifestyle & Health History

We all have such diverse lifestyles and it is important to discuss what your day-to-day life looks like as well as your past life experiences. Just like our lifestyles, our bodies are also incredibly diverse. Nobody understands your body better than you do and I want to understand as much as I can about your experiences so that I can make the best recommendations for you.


Tailored Discussions to Achieve Your Goals With Your Lifestyle

Your health goals are important and I want you to feel like you can achieve them. In my consultation, we will have a tailored discussion on the best way to achieve your goals for your lifestyle.

Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle
A Bowl of Healthy Food


Individualised Recommendations 
& Education Session

Finally, you will be provided with Individualised recommendations and education tailored to your dietary recommendations, outlining why and how these recommendations will help you to reach your goals 

What's The Process?

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    A diet history in as much detail as possible. If you can't remember that's okay, but the more information I have to work with then the more personalised my recommendations will be.
  • Can I cancel my appointment?
    Yes. I have a 24hr cancellation policy. Not attending an appointment will incur a $50 nonattendance fee.

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